Wicking Worm Farm Workshop – 21 Feb 2016

Upper Ross Community Garden

Behind Upper Ross PCYC, Allambie Lane, Rasmussen

This type of “wicking worm farm” as many people have trouble with their conventional worm farms drying out and the worms dying. The base of the worm farm is lined with plastic and has old trampoline matting stretched over the base, creating a large reservoir for collecting the worm exudate. The sides are constructed from recycled pallets with more old trampoline mats stapled on. If you can’t get old trampoline mats then shadecloth or weedmat would work. The organic matter that is thrown in stretches the mat and so the bottom of it sits in liquid, which wicks up into the composting material and stops it drying out in our dry tropical climate. A worm farm this size will produce approximately 3 to 4 cubic metres of worm castings and around 100 litres of EM fermented worm exudatein two to three months with no maintenance required at all. This one will produce both liquid fertiliser and castings for topping up the beds at the Upper Ross Community Garden. The most efficient way to use it will be to fill with a mixture of horse manure sorced locally plus bokashi treated food waste from the Upper Ross PCYC and Upper Ross Community Centre. On Sunday we will also be planting out more seedlings of herbs and veggies, and also taking contact details of locals and others who want to be involved with the ongoing management and maintenance of the new Upper Ross Community Garden.

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