What is Permaculture to you?

gaiaPermaculture to me is a lifestyle choice, a holistic living ethic. My aim is to be as sustainable/ regenerative in everyday life as much as i can. In the ways of ‘choices’ as a consumer  i try and make the choice of ethical products and think about what i buy, asking the questions 1. ‘where has this product come from?  2. who made it? 3. has it been made in a way that hasnt damaged the earth? and 4. is it sustainable? likely Q’s 3 & 4 are usually No. But i try and support natural locally made products. The idea of complete sustainability for a single person is virtually impossible, this is why people working together in community is the only way we will make it. If we all do our little bit and together we can achieve great things.

Permaculture to me is growing fresh food with as little inputs as possible, using only organic compost ive made myself from grass clippings, food scraps and whatever oganic matter i can get my hands on.

Permaculture to me is recycling and reusing as many things as possible, like milk containers are great seedling pots and the water from the washing machine can be diverted out the laundry window to water the garden.

Its also a spiritual journey, a reconnection to gaia and my responsibility as a human to take care of the earth.

What is permaculture to you?






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