The Domains of Permaculture: A Regenerative Culture

The seven domains of Permaculture:

Compiled by David Holmgren

Ethics and design principles are at the heart of Permaculture. But these are only ‘real’ once they’ve been embodied in some way. They must be manifested in some form, somewhere — any action can be categorized into one (or more) of the domains in the illustration above.

The spiral path describes the evolutionary progression from the heart of the flower (Permaculture principles) through each domain. Each domain is as a petal is to a flower, they rely on each other to form a coherent whole — a classic example of, “the whole being greater then the sum of the parts.” But it is a continuous progression and is always being developed further. Change (both expected and unexpected) is and always will be influencing human cultures, just as it acts on and redefines all natural systems.


By following a path guided by Permaculture principles

that progressively integrate

all the domains of a culture;

we will develop networks of locally appropriate solutions

and be far better equipped to thrive in the uncertain future.


For a deeper exploration into each domain of this Permaculture flower, follow this link –>

permaculture flower

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— the menu at top of this link will also lead you to sumarized descriptions of the ethical and design principles encompassed by Permaculture; along with lots more interesting information.






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