Permablitz – 31st July 2011

Earth Oven exampleThe next Permablitz will be at Trish?s place 9 Carbine Court, Kelso creating an outdoor earth pizza oven on Sunday the 31st of July from 10am. The base will already be done which is the boring part anyway, so the action for the day would be digging and preparing the clay, sand and straw mix for the oven itself. This is a really fun group activity; there is something amazing about jumping up and down and mixing earth with your bare feet and getting very dirty in the process. Just bring a hat, water, gloves (if your a bit soft) and something for lunch to share.

The last Permablitz at Toddi?s was absolutely amazing! There was a great turn out of 22 people all eager to get there hands dirty. Initially we were going to create a single herb spiral then after looking at the actual size it would turn out to be it would have been small and quick job. We hand loads of materials, Soil, plant and rocks and not to mention hands, we quickly


decided that a double herb spiral with a pond in the centre would be more ideal. The day rolled on really smoothly with everyone having something to do and within 4 hours it was complete, many hands do make light work! So awesome, thankyou everyone who come and helped!


I look forward to seeing you at the next blitz.


Blake Hudson

Permablitz Townsville co-ordinator

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