Northey Street City Farm

Check out the new link (bottom of page) to the home page of Northey Street City Farm in Brisbane. This is a very successful model of community engagement/development towards a brighter future. NSCF has been established for about a decade now I think, providing many opportunities to residents of Brisbane and beyond. Personally, I went to Brisbane to do a Permaculture Design Course at NSCF – and it was GREAT! (even though only a few months before i arrived, the farm was totally flooded out…TWICE!  Because they’re positioned on a creek floodplain it was more than 1m deep of rushing water) and the gardens were still hyper-productive after such a short period.

But anyway, NSCF hosts Markets every Sunday morning, specializing in local, organic produce! In fact all food sold at these markets is produced by Organic standards. These Markets really are a thriving community event! with lots of extra activities for kids and whole families.

The Farm also holds many, many, many workshops other than the PDC and actually, instead of me telling you limited versions of what’s on offer… go to the link and check everything they do for yourself, its a really great place!         this is the URL (copy and paste if you want) but the link is at the bottom of this page under “Permaculture Links.”

P.S. If you’re going to brisbane, even for a short trip, I really recommend you to pop-in and check it out in reality, its a magical place!






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