MOVIES that MATTER – screening HOME + Food for Thought Feast in the Foyer

This films is a stunning visual odyssey. A globe-spanning exploration of the planet, a celebration of Earth?s beauty and an impassioned call to protect it from destruction.

Compelling and defiantly optimistic, Home voyages through over 50 countries, considering the environment?s current condition and factors which will play a role in determining its future. As Arthus-Bertrand says, ?It isn?t the 50 percent of forest that has disappeared that?s important, but the 50 percent that?s left.?

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Be prepared to be WOWed – the visuals of incredible beauty brings a sense of awe to viewers in high definition of breathtaking images about our ‘HOME’ – Mother Earth. It is the first film that has been made using aerial-only footage with exceptional narration lust.

Watch the Trailer :

5:30pm opening for the FOOD for THOUGHT ‘Feast in the Foyer’ for the
7:00pm screening

Saturday 29th September

Riverway Arts Centre – Kirwan (plenty of parking)

If you arrive on time then you will get to enjoy the amazing feast! Time fly’s when you’re having fun and the 1.5 hrs is not long to indulge in the heartwarming conversation and food. Bring your friends – this is always a special event and supports 2 local community groups!!