MOVIES that MATTER : Eco-conscious Films for 2012

Permaculture Townsville in collaboration with Food for Thought, presents a year of inspiration films to empower the Townsville Community, with?support by the Townsville City Council. These events bring a set of motivating, solution based films in the lovely setting of the Riverway Arts Centre, igniting conversation of the coming changes for personal and environmental growth over delicious home grown/made treats.

Please join our grassroots community of like minded people!


Food for Thought’s Feast in the Foyer opens at?5.30pm?

Films screen at?7pm

$5 Entry – Members Free

Join these Facebook groups; permaculture townsville and food for thought townsville to get the formal invitations, or better yet, become a PcT member and watch it for free!

Dates and films screening:

28 July – 2012:Time for Change;?

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29 September – HOME;?

19 October – PlanEAT;?

24 November – Dirt! The Movie; ?