Hi everyone, I’ve been duped by Google Maps!!

Now I know I should-a ground-proofed the data before posting it on the internet… but I couldn’t get around to it until the day before yesterday; and I need to say the rights crossed with lefts were actually meant to be lefts for wrongs and crossing rights with corrects and not so long wrong, but definitely short rights and flabby righty-lefty-loopy.

anyway the previous post has been amended and I include here a duplicate of the correct directions to be sure


To get to Ken Tyson’s place, 119 Eyre St, North Ward:

How to Get There:

  • drive to Warburton St ? the main road a few streets back from the Strand
  • at Mr Mudcrab,?turn down Landsborough St, towards the Strand
  • turn RIGHT, onto Erye St; and
  • Ken?s place (119) is a few houses down (on the LEFT side of the road)




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