LIVING CHEMICAL FREE is on Saturday 3rd November

You may have already heard about this seminar but as the date comes closer, we would like to remind you to purchase your tickets as soon as possible to ensure your place. Sarah Lantz is coming up from Brisbane to share such important information with the people of Townsville about our health.

She was one of the research team that found over 200 man-made chemicals in the cord blood of newborns which led her to study the sources of exposure and the impacts of this on the human body. Sarah found that many of these chemicals are found in everyday personal care products, household products, pesticides and as a by-product of industry.

She also found that the health impacts of many of these chemicals are wide-ranging and can mean the difference between a vital, healthy, enjoyable life and a lacklustre, exhausted and sick life.

If you have a body of your own, you need to come to this seminar!

Please reply to this email and book now!

Sarah Lantz: Mission and Vision Our mission is to raise awareness of the hidden dangers of environmental chemicals and their impact on human health and in particular, the health and wellbeing of our children and young people.

Our vision is to impact the health and wellbeing of all Australians and raise generations of chemical free kids. We are committed to positively impacting the lives of our kids and young people and have partnered with a number of Australian organisations who share our passion for making a difference for our children and young people.

About Dr Sarah Lantz: Dr Sarah Lantz is a university lecturer, researcher, writer and a mother. She has an academic and professional background in public health and mental health, and specialises in the area of child and youth health and wellbeing. She has written and spoken widely on the issue, and continues to be an invited speaker in the media on the subject of youth health and wellbeing. Dr Lantz was awarded her PhD from the University of Melbourne, Youth Research Centre in 2003. She has 9 years of research experience, managing a number of multidisciplinary research grants, has delivered over 50 conference papers; and published numerous articles. This research experience is mirrored by her clinical work, in a number of women’s, child and youth health services. She is currently employed as a Research Fellow at the University of Queensland. She passionately believes in conscious, compassionate parenting and is committed to organic living and developing a sustainable, natural environment for future generations. Dr Lantz currently lives in Brisbane, Australia with her family.

LIVING CHEMICAL FREE is on Saturday 3rd November from 1-4pm at the CWA Hall on the corner of Sturt and Denham Streets in Townsville City. Tickets are $10 each and there will be raffles on the day.

You can buy your ticket in-store at Plant Essentials in Flinders Mall or you can pay by direct deposit

(Westpac Account name: Diana Condylas, BSB 732064, Acct no: 532050.

Use your name as reference and email your payment confirmation through to us with the names of attendees and an address to mail your tickets to).

Please share this email and help to spread the word! Looking forward to seeing you there

Warm regards Diana Condylas Ph: 0414 228 050 — Cheers from THE FOOD FOR THOUGHT TEAM

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