LETS Picnic at Pallarenda

After the screening of In Transition 2.0 at the last Movies That Matter, people are inspired to take action!
So it seems?to us like a great reason for another picnic! Imagine, a lovely breezy Sunday afternoon picnic at Pallarenda. Those of you who came to the last Food for Thought picnic told us you had a great time. In addition to the food and fun, the conversation will be turning to creating a LETS in Townsville.

What?s LETS? It is a community based non-profit trading system that enables members to exchange a wide variety of goods and services using little or no cash. It is a method of trading which depends on energy, skills and time instead of money, exchanging a unit of modern currency, not as an alternative to conventional money, but to complement the current system of trade.
The concept of LETS (Local Energy Trading System) is exciting and it is working in hundreds of towns and cities around the world, including Australia. It is all about community though, so the more people that join in and contribute, the better it works.
Of course, you can just come for the picnic, but it will be a fascinating discussion with Permaculture Townsville and Food for Thought and hopefully some other interesting groups around town joining in. Kuranda, the Tablelands region and Charters Towers are already using LETS and we will be looking to connect the whole of North Queensland into one Transition Alliance.

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When? 3rd March 2pm

Where? Park at the end of Cape Pallarenda Road, Directions found here

What to bring? Bring a rug, hat, sunscreen and picnic food to share. You may also want to bring a notepad and pen to exchange details and ideas

This is a family friendly event in the shade of the sheoak trees in the park, if your new to the group please don’t be shy, we are always happy to see new faces. looking forward to seeing everyone on the day.

Any other queries please email us at info@permaculturetownsville.org.au or phone 0408 555 368

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