Inspiring Film All About Waste

Last week the Total Environment Centre?s Waste Not, a new film which focuses on what keeps a city like Sydney clean and sparkling. It tells the story of the army of truck drivers, scientists, environmentalists, gardeners and even a famous chef are working to transform the mountains of stuff we throw away into something valuable again.

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The film explores how recycling will play a big role in helping Australians move to a sustainable future and helps us understand what happens to the things we throw away, and how we can start reducing our waste.
We need to work together to come up with new ways to recycle and reuse goods, so we can stop them going into landfill.? The City is playing its part with its recent decision to divert all 40,000 tonnes of domestic waste collected away from landfill and into alternative treatment facilities where it will be recycled or turned into compost or gas for energy.
The Film is getting a great response and is being shown at film festivals in Australia and overseas. The Total Environment Centre intends to show Waste Not to interested councils, organisations and schools. I congratulate them on the film and recommend you see it.
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