Movies That Matter

“Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil” and “Waste Not”

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Saturday 31st March @ River Way Arts Center. (map)

Doors open at 5.30pm for a casual? fresh food feast shared with the ‘Food for Thought’ group in the foyer!

Film Screens at 7pm to 9.30 pm

This event is free for Permaculture Townsville Members and only $5 for non-members.

Presented by Permaculture Townsville; this event is the first of a series of events planned for 2012 called “Movies that Matter”- we hope you can come in support!

Witness the positive changes that took place in Cuba when their reliance on oil evolved into something unique, natural and empowering!?This is a prime example of how to deal with a crises and shows us solutions for when we no longer have access to oil as our energy resource. See trailer:

What keeps a 21st century metropolis clean and sparkling? Even as we hover on the brink of eco-crisis, an army of truck drivers, scientists, environmentalists, gardeners and even a famous chef are working to transform the mountains of stuff we throw away into something valuable again. See trailer :

Please bring along your friends and family to enjoy a night of entertainment based on yummy, nutritious food and building strength in our community with awareness and empowering positive actions towards sustainable solutions!