Permaculture Townsville

  • North Queensland, Australia

We are a non-profit community group in Townsville

Admin update: (15-12-2022) Our website is currently undergoing redevelopment.

Permaculture Townsville Inc. (PcT) is the group of volunteers that admin this page. PcT registered as an incorporated community organisation and maintains public liability insurance. The group meets monthly at our own plot, located within the Townsville Community Gardens.
The group holds meetings as follows:
  • When: Second Sunday each month
  • Time: 9am-11am
  • Location: 131 Robertson Street, Railway Estate (Townsville Community Gardens).
Our monthly meetings provide opportunity to socialise with other like-minded people, share skills and knowledge, as well as attend workshops organised by the group. 
We organise workshops, site tours and run a store each year at the Eco Fiesta. Membership is $30 a year, and this gives you access to the monthly newsletters, exclusive site tours and access to the workshops. 
We administer the Facebook page: Permaculture Townsville, Inc. | Facebook
Our Instagram: townsville_permaculture_inc is a place where we share the commings and goings of our group.