About Us

Permaculture Townsville, Inc.

North Queensland, Australia


We are a non-profit community group in Townsville, who:

  • Feel deeply about local and global sustainability and environmental rehabilitation. We come together to re-instill community values in local food production, sharing abundance and caring for the Earth from whence it came.
  • Hold monthly gatherings on the first Sunday of every month(at various members’ homes/gardens); which always includes a lavish lunch from our favourite recipes, sharing fresh produce, plants and preserves; as well as books, seeds, recipes and handy gardening hints…And a garden tour as well.
  •  Networking with other community and council groups, we express support and action in social and environmental campaigns. Concerned with current socio-economic instabilities, we use awareness of such issues as motivation for positive change.  We act as a catalyst for future generations to maintain connection and integrity.
  • Sell plants and share our knowledge at events such as the EcoFiesta, Palm Creek Folk Festival and Ingham Garden and Art Expo
  • Provide support for fellow gardeners by sharing plants, ideas and even working-bee parties!


  • Host local Permaculture and related events; including practical workshops, tours, courses, parties and Permablitz’s.

We always love to see new faces at our gatherings, anyone can attend these; and if you like what you see, taste and learn, you can support us by BECOMING A MEMBER!


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